Context of the Forum

The majority of the Francophone countries of the Global South have in common the colonial heritage and its vestiges, including the French language. Most of their legal texts are derived from those of their former colonizers and contain the same discriminatory provisions against women, young women, girls and LGBTIQ people. Their populations experience very similar realities: underdevelopment, poverty, forms of organization, and human-to-human relations. Patriarchy is predominant there and results in unequal power relations between men and women, adults and young people which have resulted in the domination and discrimination exercised by the former and hampered the promotion of the latter.

The living conditions of women, young women and girls are generally very difficult, especially for those living in rural areas, and in the slums of the suburbs. And like everywhere else in the world, they face multiple problems related to their gender.

Organizations and networks of Francophone women and young women who try to address these issues have very similar problems in terms of capacity, organizational models and practices. They are generally small in terms of organizational capacity, intervention and access to funding. Most of the limited funding available is for projects and not focused on movement building. Efforts to strengthen the movement therefore face many challenges, including difficulty in accessing funding and internal conflicts between activists.