Efficiency Institute



A boost in institutional leadership for francophone feminist organizations

They are coming out #Efficient!  There were more than 25 women from organizations, associations, groups and movements working for the promotion of women’s rights and their empowerment, coming from some French-speaking African countries..  They took part from April 25 to 27, 2023 in Kpalimé (about 120 km north of Lomé) and online at the Efficience Institute. The latter is a training that took place around the theme: institutional leadership of women’s and young women’s organizations, is an initiative of XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund whose objective is to strengthen and increase the capacity of local women’s organizations and groups by providing tools for better efficiency.

What is the Efficiency Institute?

Efficiency Institute is an institute launched by XOESE as part of its 2023 capacity building program and in light of its 2018-2024 strategic plan.

This institute aims to strengthen and increase the capacity of local women’s organizations and groups by providing them with tools to be more efficient and effective in the way they manage, lead, and carry out their organizations in order to better mobilize resources and carry out their activities with their beneficiaries and communities.

The term “EFFICIENCY” was chosen as it is the key term for this Institute. By definition, this component is important through performance measurement. Prosaically, it is therefore a question of equipping the participants of this institute with this duty of performance, but especially with the way to achieve it.

The Efficiency Institute program

It was 3 intense days of training in hybrid format (online and face-to-face). The efficiency institute was based on a participative, practical and interactive approach that put at the center the experiences and the intervention of different profiles. The training allowed the subject to be approached from all angles. The content covered during the 3 days of training was summarized as follows.

  • Institutional leadership: which mode of governance to choose?
    • Definition of terms
    • Mode of governance
  • Institutional leadership: tools and mechanisms to develop in your organization to be a model
  • Leaders as actors of institutional leadership
  • Focus on people: leaders as actors in institutional leadership

In addition to scientific reflections and sorority activities aimed at strengthening communion among sisters, including a MEET UP – Institutional Sorority under the theme: “Women and young women in civil society: Building together an institutional sorority”, the institute has planned discovery and well-being such as the visit of the company “AKLALA BATIK TOGO“, the Chateau Vial and the waterfall of Womè.

In order to give more tools to the leaders of feminist organizations and to deepen the knowledge, a second phase of the Efficiency Institute is planned and will start from May 10 to 11, 2023, exclusively online. This phase will allow for further exchanges and practical sessions for a better understanding.