Forum Activities

The Forum’s agenda will be developed and finalized by the Organisation Committee. Each part of the agenda will be interactively designed to ensure that participants can actively contribute to the Forum and are more than just spectators.

  1. Practical workshops (training on the development of a resource mobilization strategy, institutional communication strategy, etc.)
  2. Round tables (exchanges between a panel, presentation, debates around a theme …)
  3. Interactive sessions (discussions open to the public)
  4. Demonstrations and tests of digital tools
  5. Open innovation activities (space for discussion and improvement of digital or other tools, etc.)
  6. Reflection activities on the future of the movement
  7. Artistic activities (storytelling workshop, cine-debate, film projection, painting, music etc.)
  8. Relaxation activity (stretching session, zumba, self-massage etc.)
  9. Fun activities (team building game, icebreaker, mime game).