Environment of the Forum

The Forum will serve as : 

  • An open space: we will ensure that the Forum is a welcoming space for all participants;
  • An inclusive space: In addition to making the space accessible, we will organize discussions with participants from women’s groups with disabilities to improve our accessibility knowledge and practices, and to receive their suggestions on how to better involve women with disabilities in the activities of our organizations and movements in our countries;
  • A collaborative space: which will make it possible to create or strengthen current, intergenerational and transnational links between various activists from current fragmented movements;
  • A considerate space: This event will allow us to initiate discussions on how to approach issues of personal and collective care within the movement (how each defender should take care of herself and her fellow women). Participants will brainstorm and propose strategies on how to conserve the energy and power of movement, prevent burnout, take good care of ourselves while taking care of our communities with limited resources.