Special Grant Cycle

-Resilience Fund

The objective of the Fund is to support initiatives that aim to reduce the vulnerability of organizations and women within beneficiary communities and to increase their resilience to various crises (security, social and health, etc.).


XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund in collaboration with FFC (the Congolese Women’s Fund) has launched JE M’ENGAGE! 

The main mission of the JE M’ENGAGE! campaign is to increase the commitment of Francophone actors and ensure their active contribution to the actions and initiatives of the Action Coalitions set up within the framework of the Generation Equality Forum.

Since the launch of this campaign in May 2021, XOESE has succeeded in building 12 national coalitions from 12 countries composed of more than 1265 organizations that have initiated various advocacy activities in their respective countries.

Thanks to XOESE’s technical and financial support, the 12 coalitions are led by :

  • The Association Tour Centre de Développement Solidaire et Inclusif (CDSI) in Senegal,
  • the Network of Ivorians for the Defense of Children’s and Women’s Rights (RIDDEF) in Cote d’Ivoire,
  • The Association Song Taaba des Femmes Unies pour le Développement (ASFUD) in Burkina Faso,
  • the Collective of Women’s Associations and NGOs of Burundi (CAFOB) in Burundi,
  • the Association of Refugees Without Borders (ARSF) in Cameroon,
  • the WOIYO KONDEYE Organization in Mali,
  • The Forum pour les Droits Des Jeunes Et Enfants Au Congo (FODJEC) in the DRC,
  • The NGO Assistance aux Femmes et Enfants en Difficulté (AFED) in Mauritania,
  • The Plateforme Des Organisations de Femmes Haïtiennes pour le Développement (POFHAD) in Haiti,
  • The Association Des Éducateurs pour le Développement (ANED) in Niger,
  • The Club des Femmes de la Savanes pour la Promotion de la Culture (CFSPC) in Togo and
  • The NGO Agir pour un Monde Meilleur (A2M) in Benin.

These organizations mobilized for the engagement of local actors (technical and financial partners, private sector, ministries, local and religious authorities…) for Generation Equality in order to ensure that they will take part and contribute actively and financially to the actions and initiatives of the Action Coalitions and the mechanism launched during the Paris Forum.

Feminists in Action

The “Feminists in Action” project is a powerful lever to amplify the impact of feminist organizations in the South. It aims to develop their capacity to structure themselves, to strengthen their technical knowledge and to network. It is implemented in consortium with Care, Equipop, the Mediterranean Women’s Fund, the Pananetugri Initiative for Women’s Welfare and Oxfam France.

-JIFA: International African Women’s Day

This program aims to fund initiatives led by young women’s organizations and young women on the occasion of the International African Women’s Day which is celebrated on July 31 of each year since 1962. This program is open to young feminist and women’s rights organizations willing to raise the voices of African women by contributing to the improvement and advancement of women’s rights.