About XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund

The idea of creating a grantmaking and institutional support mechanism for Francophone women’s rights organizations was born in Bangkok (Thailand) on 28 October 2005 at the donors’ meeting where AWID action-research report on “Where is money for women’s rights?” was presented during AWID 10th Forum on “How does Change happen ?” The first part of the idea was materialized in 2006 with the creation of ROFAF (Network of Francophone Africa Women’s Organizations) thanks…

Our priorities

The XOESE Fund is involved in the following priority areas

Francophone women’s and young women’s rights Movement building

Women’s and young women’s Political and public participation

Women’s and young women’s economic empowerment and professional leadership

Gender, Peace and Security

Women’s and young women’s Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) welfare, security and efficiency

Gender, Environment and Climate Change

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