JOB OFFER: Deputy Co-Director and future Co-Director



Position: Deputy Co-Director and future Co-Director

Organization: Mediterranean Women’s Fund

Deadline: July 15, 2023

Location: Paris, France.

“The Mediterranean Women’s Fund is looking for a women’s rights enthusiast to join its team as co-Deputy Director and future co-Director:  two Co-Director positions are being created in 2023, to coincide with a change in leadership, as the current Director retires at the end of 2024. A one-year transition is envisioned – to ensure the best possible handover and to implement this new governance model – after which these positions will evolve from deputy directors to co-directors.

A co-director from the northern Mediterranean has already been recruited internally; in order to represent the diversity of the region within its team, the MedWF is therefore looking for a person from the southern shore, but ideally willing to work in France. The ideal candidate should possess a passion for women’s rights, solid resources mobilization, managerial and interpersonal skills and be proficient in French, English and Arabic. Location: Paris, France. Deadline: July 15, 2023.

You can find the job description here.

French is MedWF’s main working language, which is why the job offer is only in French.