Organisation Committee

In order to be able to offer an unforgettable experience worthy of our dedicated feminist participants, an organization committee has been established to provide strategic advice on the conceptualization and organization of the Forum and on its anticipated results.

The Organisation Committee (OC) is made up of nine key French-speaking feminists representing geographic and thematic diversity and with proven experience in different sectors. The OC supports the XOESE secretariat in the design, planning and organization of the Francophone Forum.

The functions of the members of the Committee include:

  1. Providing strategic advice on the conceptualization and organization of the Forum and its anticipated outcomes;
  2. Supporting the development of strategic partnerships to support the Forum, in terms of funding, participation and post-Forum advocacy;
  3. Ensuring that all of the Forum’s processes integrate an intersectional and intergenerational approach: during the preparation and organization phases, as well as during the development of its results and follow-up plans;
  4. Ensuring the link and consistency between the Francophone Forum and the action coalitions of the Generation Equality Forum;
  5. Providing strategic support for the implementation of the Forum’s communication strategy, in particular by publicly promoting the event within their networks and platforms and with their donors / partners.
  6. Providing strategic support for the implementation of the innovative and technological aspects of the Forum through optimal use of social media, while maintaining a good level of communication with activists and groups with limited internet access;
  7. Providing advice on and support resource mobilization for the Forum;
  8. Mobilizing the enthusiasm and participation of leaders of women’s groups, young women, girls and LGBTIQ in the Forum

The Organisation Committee meets once a month virtually by teleconference to plan and monitor preparation activities.

Discover the profile of the nine feminists of the Committee :


Founder and President of XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund

Refilwe Moahi

Programmes associate for West Africa and Asia at MamaCash


President of the Association for Handicapped Women in Madagascar 

Ina Makosi

Artist and women’s rights activist

Françoise Mukuku

Gender Consultant


Cofounder of Gender in Action

Prof Ndioro Ndiaye

Director of the Francophone Network for Gender Equality (RH-EFH)

Julienne Lusenge

Executive director of the Fund for Congolese Women (FFC) and cofounder and president of NGO, Feminine Solidarity for integral peace and development.


President of the Oceanic Union of Francophone Women