Women’s and Young Women’s Leadership Institute

The Women’s and Young Women’s Leadership Institutes are hybrid sessions that combine distance learning (online) with face-to-face training through the use of information and communication technologies. The courses/trainings of each Institute take place during a well-defined period according to the need and the training modules.

Some courses/modules can be organized as a common core, such as:

  • Communication and leadership,
  • Micro, meso and macro economy,
  • Major global issues,
  • The main international, regional and national development programs currently being implemented,
  • Women’s and young women’s rights and gender equality: from the beginning to the present day,
  • The main instruments and mechanisms for the protection of women’s and young women’s rights and gender equality;
  • Importance of strengthening organizational leadership;
  • Efficient internal system: Governance and control instruments (internal and external);
  • Strengthening the management capacity of organizations;
  • Human rights based approach,
  • Management based on development results,
  • Transparent and rigorous financial management,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Management of internal processes that support programs (staffing and professional development, fundraising, financial management, and facilities management).

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