Annie MATUNDU MBAMBI, Treasurer

Annie MATUNDU MBAMBI is a Consultant in Gender and Development, an activist and activist for more than twenty years on the issue of women’s rights. Annie Matundu Mbambi, a Congolese national, is a member of the UN Women’s Consultative Council in the DRC, West-DRC Focal Pool Point of the Framework Agreement on Peace, Security and Cooperation in the DRC. Trainer of Resolution 1325, she is also the author of several articles on Resolution 1325 and sexual violence.

Mrs. Annie Matundu Mbambi also works in the associative world where she is the President of Action Femmes du Bas Fleuve. She began her career in 1976 in the Congolese public administration and quickly rose through the ranks. She has brought her expertise in the field of gender, women’s rights, human rights since 2009 in nearly a dozen projects. Since October 2016, Annie Matundu Mbambi has been Senior Advisor to the Gover.