Massan D’ALMEIDA, Founding President

Massan D’ALMEIDA is an expert on gender issues with over 17 years of experience in activism for women’s rights and gender equality. She is the Founder, the first President and the outgoing Executive Director of the Network of Women’s Organizations in Francophone Africa (ROFAF). She began her work as a national activist in Togo in the 2000s with the creation of the Togo branch of the Association of African Women for Research and Development (AFARD / AAWORD). Then she continued her involvement at the regional and international levels when she joined the AFARD Executive Committee in 2003 and the AWID team in 2004 (Association for Women’s Rights and Development) and then created ROFAF in 2006. She is currently the Africa Coordinator of the Gender Thematic Group for African Community of Practice (AFCOP) Results. She created XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund in 2015. She is the President of the Board of Directors and is currently based in Lomé, Togo (West Africa).

She has published more than 70 articles, produced and supervised the production, publication and dissemination of hundreds of newsletters and magazines on women’s rights and development issues. She was also actively involved in the processes for the development of the new post-2015 development agenda and continues to work on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its follow-up at national, regional and international levels.