XOESE seven years Strategic Plan aims to prepare for the operationalization and effective start-up of the Fund’s activities.

Its objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the institutional capacities of XOESE by providing the secretariat with qualified human resources and office equipment and strengthening the capacities of the management team so that they can effectively and efficiently coordinate and supervise its activities;
  • Strengthen the capacities of women and young women organizations’ leaders in order to increase the quality of their work and their effectiveness within their organizations and communities;
  • Strengthen collaboration and synergies among women’s and young women’s groups and leaders in order to increase solidarity among them and the impact of their actions within their communities, countries and regions;
  • Increase the financial capacities of organizations promoting the rights of women, young women and girls to enable them to carry out their activities, continue to meet targeted needs of their communities and thus contribute to improving their living conditions.

XOESE’s seven years Strategic Plan has six main components, namely:

  1. Axis 1: Institutional strengthening of XOESE
  2. Axis 2: Resource Mobilization Strategy
  3. Axis 3: Institutional Communication and Information
  4. Axis 4: Capacity building and synergies
  5. Axis 5: Action research
  6. Axis 6: Grant Allocation