Become a XOESE Partner

Since its creation, XOESE has benefited from the support of many partners including the Women’s Fund (GFW, Mamacash, Urgent Action Fund Africa, AWDF, FFMed, FFC, …), the networks (PROSPERA, AWID, ROFAF, Genre en Action , …) and institutions and donors (OIF, UNFPA Togo, UN Women, …). If you or your institution would like to support […]

Join the Directory of Women’s Organizations

Fill out the registration form for your organization in the database today! Currently we have about 300 organizations based in 18 countries on 3 continents. The database will soon be accessible online and shared with various donors and intermediary organizations wishing to directly support Francophone women and young women’s organizations. Please also help us spread […]

Realization of the feasibility study of the XOESE Fund

This feasibility study of XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund allowed to compile in the first chapter general information on the countries of our geographic scope. This is information about the geographical, administrative, demographic, political and economic situation of the French-speaking countries of the Great South which are targeted by the new Fund. The aim was […]