The main objective of the 2023 edition of the Forum is to demystify feminism and facilitate its appropriation and the integration of its principles in the daily life of the movement’s actors.

Its specific objectives are as follows:

  • To create a safe space for frank and constructive exchanges and discussions on the fundamentals of the women’s movement and the feminist movement;
  • To contribute to increasing the feminist commitment of Francophone women activists and organizations;
  • To give the opportunity to the actors of the movement to conduct in-depth reflections on the effectiveness and efficiency of the intervention strategies and solutions they propose to solve the problems in their communities and to refine them.


The feminist movement that originated in Western countries in the 1960s began to spread to other parts of the world in the 1970s. 

The history of the women’s movement has been marked by various important events including the world conferences (Mexico, Copenhagen, Nairobi and Beijing) on women organized by the United Nations. These conferences were the opportunity to place the issue of gender equality at the heart of the global agenda. They allowed the international community to mobilize around a set of common objectives, accompanied by effective action plans for the promotion of women and their rights in all spheres of public and private life.  The struggle of women for equality and the recognition of their rights and contributions to the economic and social development of their countries has been one of the dominant social issues of the last thirty years. 

As a result of these mobilizations, the women’s movement has become more active in all regions of the world. But in Francophone countries, it is still relatively weak and struggling to take its place. 

XOESE having noted this need to strengthen the Francophone women’s movement has thought of setting up a framework for reflection through the XOESE Forum 2023. This second edition of the XOESE International Forum aims to continue the efforts to elevate the movement for the rights of Francophone women and young women.


  • Introduction to feminism
  • Feminist principles
  • Practicing feminism in organizations and institutions


The provisional agenda will be available at the end of September and beginning of October 2023