XOESE Anti-Corruption Policy


Corruption is an insidious evil with multiple and deleterious effects. It leads to human rights violations, distorts markets, undermines the quality of life and creates a breeding ground for organized crime and economic crime. The poor and disadvantaged, including women and children, suffer the most because where it occurs, resources that should be spent on development and the promotion of human rights, women’s rights and gender equality are diverted, governments and organizations are less able to work and donors are discouraged. Corruption is one of the major causes of poor performance by governments, institutions and NGOs and is a major obstacle to development, poverty alleviation and the promotion of human and women’s rights.

The adoption of this anti-corruption policy is an expression of XOESE’s determination to prevent and curb corruption. It emphasizes that respect for fundamental values such as honesty, ethics, fairness, the rule of law, accountability and transparency is essential for development and the building of a better world where all citizens are equal and enjoy their full human rights.

In its efforts to fight corruption, XOESE is committed to the highest ethical standards and to complying with all existing laws in the countries where it operates.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that XOESE complies with applicable anti-corruption laws.