JOB OFFER: Finance et Human Ressources Manager



The XOESE Fund is recruiting for this position. Deadline: January  31, 2023

Job title: Finance & Human Resources Manager

Location: Lomé, Togo

Application deadline: January  31, 2023

Type of contract: CDI with 3 months’ probation

Languages required: French, English

Are you a woman passionate about women’s rights who has proven experience in project financial management and personnel management? Are you interested in supporting the initiatives of organizations of women and young Francophone women by putting your knowledge at their service? Are you bilingual (English / French)? You may be the ideal candidate that XOESE, the Francophone Women’s Fund is looking for. To apply, please send your file before January  31, 2023 to Applications will be reviewed as we receive them.

You can download the job posting in French and English.


The XOESE Fund is a feminist foundation created on September 1, 2015. Its objectives are to:

  • Provide financial support for the implementation of initiatives promoting the rights of women, young women and girls;
  • Strengthen the institutional capacities of women’s and young women’s organizations;
  • Encourage and support innovative initiatives for the empowerment of women’s and young women’s organizations.


Its secretariat is based in Lomé, Togo. But XOESE’s staff is made up of employees and collaborators based at the headquarter or at home. We work in all Francophone countries.


The Finance & Human Resources Manager is a person with proven experience in the financial management of projects and in staff management and passionate about women’s rights and gender equality.

Working under the supervision of the President, she coordinates financial operations and manages all human resources (staff, consultants, interns, etc.) of the Fund and assumes other responsibilities as needed by the Fund.

2.1. Finance

  • Prepare project / program budgets and the Fund’s annual budget in a clear and well-detailed manner in accordance with internal procedures, and ensure that they also meet donor requirements;
  • Produce financial reports and expenditure forecasts / prospecting facilitating decision-making for the heads of departments, the President and the Board of Directors;
  • Ensure that rigorous financial systems, procedures and controls are in place within the Fund and that the established rules are effectively used, regularly reviewed and their compliance correctly and scrupulously documented;
  • Supervise departmental staff.


2.2. Human resources

  • Finalize the Fund’s Human Resources (HR) policy, contribute to its implementation and the management of individual and collective staff data;
  • Schedule, prepare and monitor administrative and financial management acts relating to staff careers (recruitment, appointment to positions of responsibility, advancement, lay-off, different types of leave, radiation, missions and travel, professional training, payroll, etc.);
  • Inform, guide and advise employees;
  • Coordinate the evaluation of the Fund’s HR systems, processes and tools.


3.1. Finance (50%)

3.1.A. Internal financial system

  • Design, ensure the implementation, and where necessary, improve the quality control tools already existing within the Fund, including manuals, checklists, templates, etc. ;
  • Ensure that the internal procedures of the Fund are scrupulously respected with regard to the provision of cash and bank accounts for specific projects, accounting management, daily expenses and the implementation of activities through regular monitoring with the employees involved and the partners.
  • Develop and master the use of internal tools to monitor the portfolio of ongoing grants, secured funding and those under negotiation, the reporting schedule and other Fund commitments, cash balances and ensure they are kept up to date.
  • Contribute to the work of all departments and ensure that all teams comply with the financial regulations, policies and procedures of the Fund.


3.1.B. Financial planning

  • Coordinates the process of preparing the annual and multi-year provisional budget under the supervision of the President;
  • Carry out, together with the heads of the departments, the monthly forecasts of the cash flow to be made available for the good continuity of the activities of the different departments of the Fund.


3.1.C. Partnership management

  • Carry out, in collaboration with the Grants Team, the in-depth checks on potential partners of the Fund.
  • Draw up grant agreements between the Fund and its recipient organizations and ensure that contractual deadlines are respected;
  • Review and process requests for transfer of funds to recipients and partners, ensuring sufficient cash availability to make payments;
  • Examine the financing and co-financing agreements proposed by donors and other partners and point out to the President the points to be improved or renegotiated;
  • Provide technical expertise, advice and financial and contractual support to other staff and Fund partners.
  • Undertake technical assistance and monitoring visits to Fund partners, in collaboration with the Grants, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, and program teams, as needed.


3.1.D. Budget monitoring

  • Monitor expenditure flows and promptly alert the heads of appropriate departments and the President of any under-expenditure or significant overruns of budget lines of approved budgets;
  • Review the project budgets of recipient organizations and work with them proactively to ensure optimal use of allocated resources and increase their performance.


3.1.E. Financial reports and processes

  • Produce monthly financial reports on all financial transactions of the Fund and include relevant comments for the attention of Heads of Departments and the President;
  • Produce monthly reconciliation statements for all Fund accounts;
  • Prepare financial progress and final reports to be submitted to donors in accordance with each donor’s requirements, and respecting the agreed deadlines;
  • Prepare annual financial reports on the execution of individual projects / programs and of the Fund’s annual and multi-year program in a clear and well-detailed manner in accordance with internal procedures.


3.1.F. Internal audits and controls

  • Ensure that the Fund complies with all audit requirements and financial laws in force in Togo and in the countries where the Fund operates;
  • Prepare the internal control and audit schedules, coordinate the processes and provide the necessary assistance to the external auditors and internal controllers for the performance of their tasks ;
  • Prepare the Fund’s financial statements and all working documents to be made available to the financial auditors and internal controllers.


3.2. Human resources (50%)

3.2.A. Administratively manage staff

  • Establish and keep up to date administrative personnel files and fulfill legal obligations;
  • Manage employment contracts (drafting, monitoring, suspension, termination);
  • Carry out local management of personnel files (clocking in, absences, working hours, accidents at work, disciplinary follow-up, etc.);


3.2.B. Manage staff payroll and social declarations

  • Develop and ensure the updating of the salary scale and the remuneration policy of the Fund;
  • Carry out the various calculations of the executive or non-executive pay slip;
  • Establish and control specific payrolls;
  • Calculate social charges and establish social declarations (monthly, quarterly and annual) in accordance with the legislation of Togo and the countries where the employees of the Fund are based;
  • Subscribe to insurance policies and ensure they are updated.


3.2.C. Manage entries and exits

  • Coordinate the entire recruitment process within the Fund (from the expression of need, the development and publication of offers, the pre-selection and organization of job interviews, to taking up the job);
  • Creates the conditions for the development of individual and collective skills;
  • Design and implement the staff training plan (collection of training needs, development of the plan, etc.);
  • Organize training sessions, in collaboration with the Capacity Building Manager, (identification of service providers, drafting of specifications, negotiation with service providers, etc.);
  • Facilitate the taking up of new employees and contribute to the internal development of the oldest;
  • Foster the appropriation of the new skills required within the Fund;
  • Identify existing and unexploited skills and develop them;
  • Empower employees at all levels.


3.2.D. Carry out the administrative follow-up of social relations

  • Organize and manage meetings with staff;
  • Ensure the fluidity of information and communications with employees (design a display, an audio-visual support for staff orientation, etc.);
  • Animate social relations;
  • Put in place the means to improve working conditions (health and safety, organization of working time,);
  • Manage relations with the labor inspectorate, social security, lawyers, etc.


3.2.E. Manage problems in the workplace

  • Receive any employee asking for an explanation of their situation;
  • Receive employees with a problem;
  • Arbitrate disputes and defuse conflicts;
  • Inform employees of any changes affecting them.


The incumbent must be convinced of the mission and vision of the Fund and be committed to respecting its values ​​and contributing to achieving its objectives. She must have:

  • Second cycle university degree in finance, human resources, public law or related discipline, or equivalent years of experience in one of these fields;
  • At least five years of professional experience at responsible levels in the areas of budgeting, financial management and human resources of financial reporting;
  • Experience in an international organization is highly desirable;
  • Mastery of social legislation and good knowledge of labor law;
  • Excellent analytical and report writing skills;
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills and experience in conveying complex information to stakeholders of different capacities and levels of experience;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the women’s movement or civil society;
  • Perfect understanding of gender and development issues;
  • Perfect knowledge of IT tools and accounting softwares: Sage Saari, QuickBooks, payroll management, etc.;
  • Perfect command of French, both written and spoken;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Demonstrated sense of confidentiality.


To apply, please send your application package containing the documents below to as soon as possible and before the deadline of January  31, 2023:

  1. a cover letter (including your salary claim),
  2. a recent curriculum vitae,
  3. copies of your diplomas and certificates,
  4. the contact details of your former employers,
  5. the contact details of three reference persons.

Please mention the job title “Finance & Human Resources Manager” in the subject line.

XOESE encourages people from ethnic minorities, indigenous communities and people with disabilities to apply. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we regret that we cannot respond personally to applicants who will not be shortlisted.

If you haven’t heard from us within six weeks of the deadline, please assume that your case has not been successful.

Only the candidates preselected for an interview will be contacted.

All shortlisted candidates will be required to undergo rigorous checks on the references provided as well as their employment history.

No phone calls please.