XOESE, The Francophone Women’s Fund, invites media representatives and content creators to apply for accreditation to attend the XOESE 2023 International Francophone Forum (FIFXOESE2023). This accreditation will give media professionals and content creators the opportunity to take part in this event and cover the exchanges that will take place.

Accreditation is strictly reserved for professional journalists working for media organizations, freelance journalists and content creators. Media personnel must be able to present a photo ID card issued by their national or international media outlet. For content creators not affiliated with a media organization, photo ID such as a passport must be provided as a means of verification.

Each applicant must register individually, even if several journalists or content creators are affiliated with the same media outlet. Each media outlet may accredit more than one professional to cover the conference.

Registration for media and content creators is completely free and includes the following benefits: 

  • access to all Forum sessions including pre-events, stands, media room and press conferences.
  • One-to-one interviews with spokespersons, speakers and participants. 

Although we cannot guarantee the availability of all requested interviews, we will do our best to accommodate such requests as far as possible, subject to availability.

The accreditation process for media and content creators is open from September 08 to November 08, 2023. We encourage all interested parties to submit their applications as soon as possible. 

Download the full call here.

People categories 

  1. Journalists in possession of identification documents issued by recognized foreign press organizations, such as the Foreign Press Association, national and state press associations, etc.
  1. Radio and television journalists and production companies
  1. Journalists representing online press-magazines belonging to press unions or publishing houses, whose online publications are well-established information and communication channels.
  1. Freelance reporters, editors and photographers
  1. Content creators: bloggers, online publishers, digital storytellers, newsletter writers, YouTubers, social network influencers, animators, podcasters, etc.

Candidates in this category must have a digital presence that showcases their portfolio of work.

  1. Photographers with valid proof that they work for a reputable media.

Registration phase 

The accreditation process for media and content creators at FIFXOESE2023 consists of several simple steps:

1. Submitting the Application: You must initiate your application for accreditation by completing the questionnaire from XOESE, the French-speaking Women’s Fund. Link available on the website under “Forum” then “Media Accreditation”:

2. Required information : 

  • For media accreditation applicants, please provide the following information to enable your application to be processed:
  • A letter of assignment on official media letterhead, signed by the publisher or editor-in-chief, specifying the name of the media representative and the duration of the assignment.
  • A copy of a valid press card. In the absence of a press card, additional documents may be submitted.
  • For content creators, please submit an official letter of assignment (on company letterhead) from a bona fide producer, indicating that he or she will be covering the conference for the organization. Alternatively, you can provide a CV with links to your main platform and any other platforms you appear on. Be sure to include relevant material related to the themes of the FIFX2023 conference.

3. Review of Applications: Once submitted, applications will be reviewed by the selection committee of XOESE, The Francophone Women’s Fund. 

4. Notification of Approval: If your accreditation is approved, the XOESE, The Francophone Women’s Fund team will notify you.

5. Preparing for the Forum: Once accredited, follow these additional steps:

  • Print out the accreditation e-mail and bring it with you to the Forum.
  • Pick up your badge at the media registration desk on the Forum site. 
  • At FIFX20233, media professionals and content creators will need to go to the registration desk to obtain their official FIFX2023 badge. Please note that you will need your ID to register for the event.


  • If you do not belong to any of the above categories and do not meet the accreditation criteria, you must register as a conference participant or visitor. 
  • Persons responsible for publications and reports of organizations or companies intended for internal use or for a restricted group of people will not be accredited. 
  • The final decision on all media accreditation applications rests with XOESE, the Fonds pour les Femmes Francophones.

Applications from women are greatly appreciated.
For further information on the media accreditation process, please contact

Download the full call here.