Our grants in 2022



Since its founding in 2015, XOESE has been expanding and mobilizing more and more financial, material and human resources to reinvest in the initiatives of women’s and young women’s activists and organizations to advance women’s rights in Francophone countries.

2022 was an extraordinary year for XOESE, our grants covered twenty-seven (27) projects in twelve (12) francophone countries for a total amount of 123,792,205 FCFA from West Africa or 188,720 Euros, 192,485 USD or 247,327 CAD.

We would like to invite you to discover the different innovative and audacious projects that we have been able to support.



Organization : OLA AFRICA

Project to defend the rights of young girls who are victims of forced marriage in the North of Benin

The project aims to contribute to the eradication of the practice of forced marriage in the town of Malanville. To do so, it is planned to organize a training session for girls on women’s rights to health, to hold a sensitization workshop for local community actors (parents, traditional chiefs, religious leaders) on the risks and negative consequences of forced marriages, and to build the capacity of public service personnel, Social Promotion Centers (CPS) and local administration on the application of laws and policies that prevent child early and forced marriages.

Organization : Rescue and Hope

Strengthening the economic, professional and legal rights and capacities of bar and restaurant waitresses in the communes of Cotonou and Parakou.

This project promotes access to rights and professional, economic and legal autonomy for bar and restaurant waitresses (SBR) in Benin. To achieve this, a training session for SBRs on professional leadership, SBR rights and savings, referral and psycho-health and legal care for SBRs who are victims of GBV10 is planned.


Organization : Action Communautaire pour le Bien Être de l’Enfant et de la Femme au Burkina

Justice, Dignity and Empowerment of Women and Girls through Community Action for the Well-Being of Children and Women in Burkina Faso

This project aims to contribute to the reduction of gender inequalities through the protection of the rights of women and girls in vulnerable situations and/or victims of violence of all kinds in the 6 communes of Ouagadougou. To this end, it is planned to organize a training session on gender-based violence, life skills and reproductive health for twenty-four (24) women leaders, sensitizations on various themes (women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health rights, gender-based violence, women’s leadership, etc.), a meeting to exchange and discuss the issues of gender-based violence, and a training session for women leaders. ), a meeting to exchange and share experiences on the management of GBV survivors’ complaints with twenty (20) social actors and the provision of psychosocial, health and legal support to women and girls who are victims of GBV.

Organization : Association Song-Taaba des Femmes Unies pour le Développement

Revitalization of the women’s movement as part of the “I am committed” campaign in the communities of Tanghin Dassouri and Komki-Ipala by the Song-Taaba Association of Women United for Development

The project aims to re-energize the women’s movement through the four (4) coalitions of actions set up within the framework of the “I COMMIT” campaign. To do this, ASFUD plans to train twenty (20) women members of the four (4) coalitions on gender-based violence, justice and economic rights, feminist movements and leadership, security and peace, to hold twenty (20) discussion forums on the above-mentioned themes and to train eight (8) coalition leaders on the use of the zoom platform.

Organization : Réseau National des Associations pour la Santé Reproductive les Droits et le genre

Project: AFRICAN’S WOMEN RISE DAY by the National Network of Associations for Reproductive Health, Rights and Gender (RENASAGE)

The purpose of this activity is to make women aware of the role they can play in society. To achieve this goal, RENASAGE plans an educational talk for twenty-five (25) young girls in the city of Ouagadougou on the theme “female leadership, the role of the African woman in our societies, and its importance in decision-making as a keystone for its empowerment” followed by a six-day digital awareness campaign under the theme “Woman: Bounce back and reinvent yourself during times of crisis”.

Ivory Coast

Organization : EVALWOMEN (Réseau Féminin en Suivi-Evaluation)

Project: Reintegration of 10 women ex-detainees of the Abidjan House of Arrest and Correction (MACA) by the Feminine Network in Monitoring and Evaluation

This project aims to contribute to the reintegration of ten (10) women ex-detainees of the House of Arrest and Correction of Abidjan (MACA). EVALWOMEN plans to train women ex-detainees in financial education, to support them in the establishment of income generating activities and to accompany them in the development of their activities


Organization : Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l’Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles

Information, sensitization and advocacy project for the abandonment of gender-based violence in Koulikoro by the Malian Association for the Monitoring and Orientation of Traditional Practices

The objective of the project is to contribute to the adoption of behaviors and practices that promote positive social norms against gender-based violence against children and women in the urban commune of Koulikoro. In order to reach this objective, we plan to identify and train one hundred and ten (110) women and girls on gender-based violence (GBV) so that they can get involved in the fight against GBV through action plans developed during this training; organize media activities to help communities understand the harms of GBV and promote their abandonment; and provide holistic care (medical, psychosocial and economic) to GBV survivors.

Organization : MUSODEV

Project: Musodev STEM TOUR by the Association for the Promotion of Women through IT (MUSODEV)

The objective of the project is to train one hundred and fifty (150) young girls/women on the use of information and communication technologies in a responsible and professional way. This objective will be achieved through training on digital professions (blogging and web writing, social networks, graphic and audiovisual creation, Google Apps, etc.) and training sessions on digital citizenship, the fight against the proliferation of false news/alerts, design thinking and digital entrepreneurship in four cities, namely Bamako, Sekou, Koutiala and Sikasso.


Organization :Réseau des Jeunes pour la Promotion de l’Abandon des Mutilations Génitales Féminines et les Mariages d’Enfants

Digital Campaign to Commemorate the African Woman as a Pillar of Development for an entire continent by the Youth Network for the Promotion of the Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage

The project’s objective is to raise awareness about women’s empowerment and economic resilience in crisis situations. To do so, a communication and awareness campaign is planned on social and traditional media using posters, video capsules, Facebook Live sessions and radio programs.


Organization : ONG ALAFIA

Project: Fight against sexual harassment and promote good menstrual hygiene management in schools

This project aims to put an end to gender-based violence in schools and to promote good menstrual hygiene management for young girls. To achieve this, ALAFIA plans to train twenty (20) peer educators on gender-based violence and menstrual hygiene management, to strengthen the capacity of twelve (12) teachers on gender-based violence, to sensitize 3,200 students (girls and boys) on gender-based violence, menstrual hygiene management and sexually transmitted infections, and to provide 200 menstrual hygiene management kits in schools.

Organization : Assistance Plus Togo

Project: Strengthen and inform women and girls merchants engaged in cross-border trade on the mechanisms and opportunities of the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area); at the borders of Kemerida in the Kara region and Noepe in the Maritime region.

This project aims to popularize the mechanisms of the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) through capacity building of women and girls traders involved in cross-border trade, in order to reduce the injustices they suffer in the exercise of their commercial activities. To achieve this, APT planned to build the capacity of forty (40) women and girls merchants engaged in cross-border trade on the mechanisms and opportunities offered by the AfCFTA and to collect their recommendations in order to advocate with the relevant authorities for the improvement of the conditions of women and girls merchants.

Organization : Réseau des Associations de Femmes en Action pour le Développement

Project: Support for the professional leadership of women’s and youth organizations in 7 communes of Dankpen and Kozah to strengthen networking and initiate the women’s rights movement in the Kara region

This project aims to contribute to the establishment of the feminist movement in the Kara region (Togo). For this, two major activities are planned, namely the elaboration of a cartography of women’s and youth organizations in the commune of Dankpen2, a capacity building of women’s organizations on organizational devices and the functioning of an association and another on the use of IT and social networks.

Organization : Women in Law and Development in Africa

Project: Economic recovery and leadership of women healed of obstetric fistula and genital prolapse in the Maritime Region by Women in Law and Development in Africa

The goal of this project is to contribute to the economic empowerment and leadership of women healed of obstetric fistula and genital prolapse in the Maritime region. To achieve this objective, it is planned to strengthen the capacities of twenty (20) beneficiaries on themes related to leadership and management of income generating activities and to provide these twenty (20) beneficiaries with a set up kit so that they can start an IGA.

Organization : Femme Plus Togo

Project: Enabling women merchants in the prefecture of Agoe to have an identity (civil status certificate)

The project aims to facilitate the access of women merchants to basic social services and accompany them in obtaining an identity document. To this end, it is planned to assist women traders in four communes of the Agoè prefecture (Agoe Nyive 1, Agoe Nyive 2, Agoe Nyive 5 and Agoe Nyive 6) in the establishment of 500 supplementary judgments in lieu of birth certificates for women traders and in the establishment of nationality certificates.



Organization : Association Sourires de Femmes

Project to support the socio-economic empowerment of young women living in rural areas by the Association Smiles of Women.

This project aims to empower four hundred (400) young women living in rural areas on the concepts of human rights, gender-based violence and female leadership. To achieve this, it is planned to hold educational talks on gender-based violence, human rights and leadership, to hold an intergenerational meeting with women leaders and young women presidents of associations to discuss the creation and management of businesses and political commitment, and to hold a round table with community leaders, actors in the chain of follow-up of victims of violence, to enable project beneficiaries to denounce but also to know where to seek help.

Organization : Women for a Change, Cameroun

Project: Strengthening the Feminist Movement GenEgaliteECCAS by Women for a Change, Cameroon

This project aims to strengthen cross-border, cross-generational and cross-sectoral women’s activism and movement collaboration within the countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC). To this end, Wfac plans to organize a cross-border visit to Equatorial Guinea to encourage and strengthen the women’s movement in the country and hold a General Assembly of the women’s movement GenEgaliteECCAS.

Organization : Africa women’s Day Forum par African Women In Tech Startups

Africa women’s Day Forum par African Women In Tech Startups

The goal of this project is to prepare women and girls for digital jobs and facilitate access to digital financial inclusion for women entrepreneurs in rural areas. To achieve this, AWITS plans a digital campaign to popularize ICT jobs for women, a conference on the theme “Women, rebound and reinvent themselves in times of crisis” and an exhibition of local knowledge of women’s groups in the South region.

Organization : Association des dames de l’Image au Cameroun

Economic empowerment and professional leadership of women and young women by the Association of the Ladies of the Image in Cameroon.

The objective of this project is to fight for the prioritizing of women in the decision-making circles that concern them. For this purpose, a two (2) day filmed seminar on women’s rights is planned, which will be replayed during film debates for the benefit of the communities.

Republic of Congo


ZALA YO Campaign by the Association KAANI ASSISTANCE

The objective of this initiative is to make known the fight of the young feminists of Congo Brazzaville. For this, it is planned to organize an online campaign with a series of videos of three (3) minutes to present the different young feminist figures in Congo Brazzaville, to organize a round table with these different figures to talk about feminism and to organize a concert to support the feminist movement.


July 31 Campaign on JIFA by (SFC)

This project aims to promote the international day of the African woman and to put in orbit the difficulties that the African woman meets during the times of crisis. It will include a debate and two focus groups on the theme “Women: Bouncing Back and Reinventing Themselves in Times of Crisis”, an awareness campaign on social media and media activities on International African Women’s Day.

Democratic Republic of Congo


Project: Promotion of leadership and economic empowerment of indigenous women and girls

This project aims to strengthen the economic and entrepreneurial capacities of indigenous women and girls and improve their involvement in local and community governance in North Kivu province. To achieve this objective, FDA plans to strengthen the knowledge of indigenous women/girls in the localities of Kashebere and Nyabiondo on leadership, governance, women’s rights and advocacy mechanisms through the organization of focus groups and to build their capacity on entrepreneurship, management of income-generating activities as well as the mobilization of funds for the start-up of individual income-generating activities through workshops.

Website: www.focusdroitsetaccesrdc.org

Organization : LA FLORAISON

Kinga Mama na Mazingira Project (Protecting Women and the Environment)

The objective of this project is to involve women in the fight against deforestation and environmental destruction in the province of South Kivu. To achieve this, LA FLORAISON is realizing the following activities among others: training of recipients on the manufacture of improved stoves and briquettes, credit management techniques and the development of business plans; development of nurseries of fruit trees and other trees; production, marketing and dissemination of improved stoves; community awareness on participatory and community conservation of the environment and on the role and rights of women in participatory and community conservation

Website: http://www.lafloraison.org

Organization : Women in Action for Human Dignity

Project to support women’s leadership and economic resilience of women and girls living with disabilities in Nyiragongo territory in North Kivu by Women in Action for Human Dignity

This project aims to strengthen the leadership and economic resilience of fifty (50) women and girls with disabilities in the Nyiragongo territory in the province of North Kivu in DRC. To do so, Wahdi plans, among other activities, to build the capacities of recipients in transformational leadership, to organize community brainstorming sessions (Idea Fair) to fight against discriminatory norms and practices, and to initiate and support two income-generating activities for women and girls with disabilities.

Organization : Actions pour la Conservation de la nature et le développement communautaire

Project for the inclusion of generational and gender equality in the creation of jobs and the improvement of the livelihoods of Batwa Banyindu indigenous peoples and forest tribal peoples in Mwenga territory

This project aims to contribute to the resilience of the food and natural livelihoods of indigenous forest peoples in South Kivu province. To achieve this objective, ACNDC plans to establish fifteen (15) women’s groups responsible for the restoration and conservation of previously identified and mapped land; to establish and support fifteen (15) income-generating initiatives in the area of livelihood transformation and conservation.


Organization : Association Pour l’Epanouissement de la Femme

Celebration of the International African Women’s Day 2022 edition by the Association for Women’s Development

The main objective of this project is to contribute to gender equality and to strengthen the capacities of women and girls to act against gender inequalities. The objective is to sensitize communities (men, women and youth) on the rights of women and girls, to sensitize community leaders on the prevention and consequences of gender-based violence and to advocate with decentralized authorities on gender equality and women’s empowerment.




Mukenyezi gir’ijambo project “promotion of women’s rights and their participation in decision-making bodies” in the provinces of Bujumbura-mairie, Bujumbura-rural, Bubanza and Cibitoke

This project aims to contribute to the restoration of women’s dignity by improving their respect and ensuring the protection of their rights and their social and cultural status in Burundian society. In order to achieve this objective, it is planned to:

  • Strengthen the capacities of peer educators on the legislation against gender-based violence and the care of survivors,
  • Organize psychosocial activities (discussion groups, relaxation sessions, etc.) with the communities in order to break down prejudices and gender stereotypes
  • Empower GBV survivors (literacy and income-generating activities) through the activities implemented in the “CEOFEM” listening centers run by SFBSP-BURUNDI.



Organization : Association des Femmes Handicapées de Madagascar

Project: Economic empowerment of women with disabilities for the promotion of self-employment (2nd edition) by the Association of Women with Disabilities of Madagascar

This project aims to promote access to decent employment for women with disabilities. To achieve this, AFHAM has planned training sessions on entrepreneurship and personal development for sixteen (16) disabled women from four (4) sites (Antananarivo, Bealanana, Manakara, Fenerive-Est) as well as the distribution of installation kits for the start-up of income generating activities.

Facebook : AFHAM

Website : http://www.afham.mg