PROSPERA Xth Biennial Conference, 2017



The conference on “Resistance and Resilience” was a space for participants to think collectively and come up with a common strategy on these important issues. Participants were able to discuss the following issues:

  • What does it mean to build resistance and resilience as a Women’s Fund, within our communities and movements?
  • How, as a donor community funding women’s rights, are we promoting resilience through our grant and resource mobilization practices? How can we learn from each other and benefit from our experiences?
  • How do we prepare for windows of opportunity for effective resistance? What are these opportunities like now?

The expected results of the conference were:

  • To have a better understanding of the unique ways that Women’s Funds and partners can and are showing resilience and resilience in their organizations and how to leverage and support these practices.
  • Expand our knowledge of the values ​​and practices behind feminist philanthropy.
  • Increase our understanding of current and new opportunities for building movements including cross-curricular movements through the Women’s Fund experience.
  • Access unique spaces to develop quality exchanges and links with peers, donors and experts to advance the rights of women, girls and trans * globally.
  • Take time for ourselves, practice self-care, make important connections with like-minded people in different parts of the world, and create space to reflect on our daily practices.

It was a real space that fostered the development of long-term collaborative strategies that will support and grow the Women’s Fund movement at a critical time for women, girls and trans people.