WARIKOW campaign successfully launched… My relationship with money



Committed actresses come together to rethink their relationship with money and create a lasting impact. 

On June 27, 2023, a wind of change blew across the financial scene of the French feminist movement as the WARIKOW… Ma relation avec l’argent campaign was successfully launched. This landmark event, organized by the XOESE Fund, brought together committed actresses determined to understand the origin of the funds they receive and to rethink their financial management for sustainable impact. In a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere, the event began with a warm welcome and a preamble that laid the groundwork for the campaign. 

The launch in a nutshell

The highlight of the day was the welcome and launch speech by FONDS XOESE Director Ms. Massan d’ALMEIDA, who captivated the audience with her inspiring message, inviting the actresses of the movement to rethink their relationship with money, to get involved in the campaign for its success, and to ask themselves questions such as: 

  • What is my personal relationship with money? 
  • What is the source of the funding we raise in the form of grants/ and what is our relationship with this type of money? 
  • Do we use the financial resources we receive responsibly?

At the heart of the WARIKOW campaign

A detailed presentation of the campaign highlighted its ambitious objectives and the various actions planned to achieve them. Participants were encouraged to get actively involved, take part in discussion sessions and contribute to collective thinking on best financial practices.

The campaign was also supported by the presentation of innovative, practical tools designed to accompany participants in their personal exploration of their relationship with money. An original song, entitled “Warikow”, was unveiled, setting to music the aspirations and challenges faced by the movement’s actresses, as well as the other communication tools you’ll find in the toolbox at your disposal.

Download the WARIKOW toolkit

WARIKOW, the 5 rules of good governance

With the aim of stimulating deep reflection on our relationship with money, Magalie LOGOSSOU, chartered accountant and statutory auditor, led a captivating discussion on the theme of “Institutional perspectives”. This moment of reflection led to the formulation of five rules for good governance, presented below: 

  • Draw up a budget
  • Be transparent 
  • Keep your accounts up to date
  • Track your key performance indicators
  • Plan for the future

The day concluded with a series of lively questions and discussions. Participants were able to exchange ideas, share experiences and ask questions of the speakers present. This interactive session created a space for mutual learning and strengthened the sense of belonging to a collective movement.

The launch of the WARIKOW… My relationship with money campaign marked the start of an exciting and promising journey. The campaign will continue with a series of exciting activities, such as training sessions, sharing and more, 

Stay tuned!

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