2019 Activity Report



During the year 2019, we have carried out the strengthening our institutional framework by creating and putting online a database of a database of French-speaking women’s organizations as well as the elaboration of policy documents and internal guidelines; all of this all this with the aim of increasing our efficiency and strengthening the confidence of our partners.

We were also able to launch our first 2 grant cycles

cycles of grants, the first of which funded 11 women’s organizations women’s organizations based in 5 countries; the second, still in progress 10 organizations that have already been funded to increase their actions in their respective their actions in their respective communities.

We will be able to include other activities in our accounts, including accounts, including participation in strategic meetings at various events, always for the events, always for the cause of feminist women’s and young women’s organizations and young women’s organizations around the world. During these events, we were able to to meet people who have the same objectives as us and with whom we have been able to with whom we have been able to forge strong ties and thus have been able to add to our to our diversified network of acquaintances and partners. In the same the same order of things, we joined PROSPERA, the Network of Women’s Funds, as a full member and Network of Women’s Funds and also organized a capacity building workshop for our capacity building workshop for our grantees.

 We also worked on our communication and branding in this case on the digital level (website, presence
on different social networks).

Download the 2019 report in French here.